The Samaritan Care and Support Initiative, hereinafter simply referred to as “SACSUI” was established in 2004 and registered with the Borno State Government. It was thereafter duly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission in 2010. SACSUI is a Non-Governmental, non-profit, and voluntary organization comprising of highly integrated, caring, and well meaning Nigerian citizens drawn from different religious and ethnic background who exude deep and affectionate love for humanity.


            SACSUI, is particularly burdened in the heart by the vicissitude of life, afflictions and pains ravaging scores of orphans and vulnerable children, youths (both in and out of school), female social workers (FSW), HIV/AIDS infected and affected persons, particularly women and children.

            SACSUI is committed to bringing succor to children, women and youth empowerment geared towards giving value to life, especially persons living with HIV/AIDS or affected thereby. Furthermore, SACSUI is determined to bring hope to the hopeless, love, care and support to the helpless. We also strive to give voice to the voiceless, wipe away tears from bleeding hearts and weeping faces of our communities.

            SACSUI sincerely believe that the aforesaid concerns will be achieved through the organization’s scheduled programmes geared towards sustainable development, capacity building, empowerment which places high premium on gender sensitivity, reproductive health, fundamental human rights and equality for all citizens. Samaritan Care and support Initiative was WFP implementing partner in General Food Distribution and Blank Supplementary Food Programme for Under 5s and pregnant & lactating women (PLW) covering eleven communities with 15,889 beneficiaries in Konduga and Jere LGA. Samaritan Care and Support Initiative desires to reach more IDP and host population with improved funding through partners like World Food Programme, FAO and other International agencies.

As our passion to Safe lives and Care, the organization participated in last year FAO 2018 Rainy and Dry Season Farming Programs. The organization has successfully distributed Agriculture Inputs to 2,600 beneficiary farmers/IDPs in both Konduga and Jakana wards in Konduga LGA for the rainy season program and 3,600 beneficiary farmers/IDPs in Konduga LGA for the dry season program. Currently we have been awarded 2,200 caseload for this year FAO 2019 Rainy Season Farming Programme.