• To care for the vulnerable children in the society
  • To create awareness on HIV/AIDS
  • To share the grace of hope and care with people living with
  • HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis without prejudice and regardless of
  • race, religion or other affiliations.
  • To assist Government in eradicating Malaria in the society.
  • To encourage clean and healthy environment
  • To promote and educate people in the society on reproductive
  • health.
  • To seek and pursue non-profitable projects that will alleviate the
  • challenges of youth, widows and orphaned children in the society.
  • To seek and promote gender equality whereby the girl child education is greatly encouraged.


To see the fruition of a healthy Nigerian society devoid of avoidable human suffering, disease, vulnerability of women and children to crime; a society that gives hope and empowerment to the youth and women to acquire skills in order to live a productive and meaningful lifestyle.


A total dedication to the control, prevention, eradication and awareness against controllable diseases such as HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria including environmental hazards and other social malaise against the society, particularly women, youths and children via our various programmes, thereby culminating into positive and productive living.